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"One who eats Qi will attain enlightenment and prolong life."
-- Tao Hong Jing (456-536 C.E.)

Elements of understanding sometimes seem lost in translation. This quote may be such an example, but what it attempts to convey is how basic, pervasive, and all-encompassing the concept of qi is to every aspect of life. Read more here.

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Tips for Good Sleep


Leaping forward! Did you feel ready to turn your clocks ahead this past weekend? 

While the lengthening daylight may be welcome at this time of year, the hour less of sleep due to the time change can sometimes require more adjustment than we expect. 

It seems a good time to offer a few quick reminders and suggestions for good sleep hygiene:

*Make sure your room is cool and dark

*Limit screen use an hour before bed (computer, tablet, phone or tv)

*Consider regular print if you like to read before bed

*At night, space the time between a big meal and getting into bed (but no need to go to bed hungry; sometimes a small snack can even help good sleep)

*Consider sipping some calming herbal tea (chamomile or kava) before bed 

*Add a few drops of magnesium and/or trace minerals to some room temperature water and sip an hour before bed (Concentrace brand makes a good liquid mineral product with magnesium; CALM is another brand offering a powdered form of magnesium that can be added to a glass of water and sipped)

*Take a warm bath with a 1/2 cup of magnesium salts (aka Epsom salt) mixed into the water and soak your body for a half hour if possible, adding warm water and salt as needed. Relax and enjoy.


Magnesium is an important mineral for the body, as it helps to relax the muscles and can soothe sore or cramped muscles, the upper and lower back, even calm restless legs. You can get these benefits whether through the skin in a bath or when taken internally.

There are several forms of magnesium for internal intake, some of the which can cause loose stool at higher doses. It is still worth considering for your nighttime routine. (Magnesium glycinate may be the easiest to absorb.) Let me know if you have any questions choosing the right form for you.

I wish you well, as you emerge from your winter cocoon over the next few weeks, and may any interruption to your sleep be fleeting. Whether at this time of year or another, sweet sleep to you always!