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*My practice is not limited to this list. If you have a specific question or concern you'd like to address, feel free to contact me here or call or text me at (207) 266-8633.                             

*For a longer list of what acupuncture treats, published by the World Health Organization (WHO), click here.    

*Many people pursue acupuncture to treat these conditions, because the results and medical research are well established. 

Offices are located:

in Brunswick, Maine:                            54 Cumberland St, #2: Map (parking in front) at HS-ACUPUNCTURE

in Portland, Maine:                             773 Congress St, West End, Map           at Health Resonates

in Asheville, North Carolina:
247 Charlotte St, R#3: Map      at White Pine Acupuncture  

"One who eats Qi will attain enlightenment and prolong life."
-- Tao Hong Jing (456-536 C.E.)

Elements of understanding sometimes seem lost in translation. This quote may be such an example, but what it attempts to convey is how basic, pervasive, and all-encompassing the concept of qi is to every aspect of life. Read more here.

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Appointments & Testimonials

General Appointment Info

  • Before your first appointment, please take a moment to download and complete the necessary paperwork. =>> Health History Consent
  • To schedule your appointment, please call or text: (207) 266-8633
  • You can also email me via the CONTACT page. Feel free to include which times and dates you would be available, any questions you may have, and what you might like to address in your treatment. 
  • Alternatively, you may BOOK ONLINE (clink link).
  • Wear loose fitting and comfortable clothing, if possible, and make sure you have eaten at least a half hour before you arrive. I look forward to meeting you.


Adults: Initial Treatment (1.5-2 hrs, $120) & Subsequent (1 hr, $75) *Package Discount: $400 for 6 appointments, initial appointment included. Private treatments as described below. Paid ahead in full, scheduled at your convenience, within 6 months. 

  • The first appointment includes a thorough review of your health history (please complete forms ahead, see links above), as well as a full treatment. Needles usually remain in place for 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Each subsequent appointment allows time for a check-in discussion and is similarly followed by a full treatment. 
  • Please allow 1.5 - 2 hours for the initial session, and 1 hour for subsequent treatments.
  • All treatments includes pulse and tongue diagnosis; an herbal, essential oils, nutritional or lifestyle consultation; as well as any needed adjunct techniques like moxabustion, gua sha, cupping and tuina.
  • Treatments are held in your own private room, where you can relax and recline on a warmed massage table.  

Community Style: $25 suggested donation.  Open Community Acupuncture format -- see the homepage for dates. (This format can also be booked for private community sessions among friends or family; call for details.)

  • Come in, complete a form for what you want to work on during your session, and deposit your payment in the vase on the desk.
  • Make yourself comfortable in the waiting room, and I will come get you to guide you to your seat in the community space, which includes eight zero gravity chairs.
  • These treatments are held in a peaceful group setting and usually last an hour.

Children (under 13 yrs)$80 initial, $40 subsequent

  • Similar format to the adult private treatments above, although tailored to the needs of a child.
  • Appointments are usually shorter in duration, as needle retention in children is based on their age, ranging from seconds to minutes.

Consult for Herbs or Essential Oils or Nutritional Supplements (no acupuncture): $80 initial, $40 subsequent

  • The first appointment includes a private and thorough review of your health history, including tongue and pulse diagnosis, and an herbal or essential oils or nutritional supplement prescription. 
  • Subsequent appointments allow us to assess your progress and make adjustments as needed.
  • Appointments usually last a half hour.
  • Cost of herbs, oils or supplements is additional. 
  • Herbs may be in raw form to be boiled into a tea, granules and powders (just add water), tinctures or tea pills and tablets. 

Well-being -- Immunity, Anxiety or Smoking Cessation & Detox (Ear Acupuncture Series):        10 appointments total, within 3 months

  • These treatments can be in the community style, or private sessions, or a combo of both, and are based on the NADA ear protocol.
  • They offer a safe and effective means of support as you seek to quell anxiety, kick your habit or simply calm your nerves during a stressful time.
  • Treats depression, anxiety, PTSD, among other nervous conditions, as well as addictions or cravings for drinking, food, smoking or sex, etc.
  • For Smoking Cessation, the best results involve 4 to 6 treatments in the first two weeks, followed by weekly treatments after that.


"What makes Heather so very special is that she brings the additional quality of an innate insightfulness, a keen perceptiveness and an ability to hear with a clarity that speaks of the extent of the integration of her own work. She clearly holds the person in the center of their care and is sensitive and responsive to the individual needs of a person. Combined with her very kind and gentle presence, one can relax to trust and receive. I highly recommend her to anyone, particularly those who want to try acupuncture, but might have some reluctance. You will be held in a place of high regard and safety." ~ F.S. 

"Thank you so much for everything you've done to help me. Your knowledge and gentle kindness are a powerful combination and wonderful foundations of your practice. Anyone can have a practice, but not everyone can bring your qualities to it. I had the great fortune to have a brilliant acupuncturist for my first experience, and so I've always been incredibly picky. I was so lucky to find you."  ~ S.W. 

"My first acupuncture experience was with Heather. In one session she got rid of symptoms I couldn't figure out, put me on an emotional high that lasted a week, and set me on a course of self-love and "appreciating the wisdom of my body" that has been a journey for over a year.  I now feel so balanced. I'm more focused with the ability to handle all my ideas and stresses. My favorite thing about being treated by Heather is how she directs you back to your inner knowing and reminds you of your connection everything.  

Any ailment or emotional issues my friends are having, the first person I recommend is Heather.  I know that she can help them address the imbalances that are happening in their bodies and bring them back into alignment with their inner strength.  The mind, body, connection is such a powerful illustration of how pains or tenderness in the body indicates other stresses going on in life. I have come to such a good space with regular treatment." ~ R.S. 

"I slept like a log last night [after my acupuncture treatment with you] and woke up refreshed and ready. As always, I appreciate you, your attention to detail and your reflecting what I have said and who I am back to me in a way that is meaningful and affirming. Thanks so much." ~ M.K.

"I've been receiving regular acupuncture from Heather for over three years.  My grandmother, in her 90's, also sees her.  I have rarely met a health practitioner with such compassion and ability to ask questions and carefully listen.  I feel my whole person is treated.  My immune system has greatly improved since seeing Heather, and I feel more balanced.  Heather has treated me for everything from poison ivy, sprained ankles, to more chronic issues, and I've found I heal faster and more completely with her treatment.  My grandmother's arthritic knees have less pain after Heather's sessions, and she always looks forward to her next session.  Heather's caring personality and abilities as a practitioner are wonderful!" ~ H.M.

"Heather is an attentive listener, able to recall pertinent details from sessions, long forgotten by me. She's equally observant and engaging, often inspiring significant information I hadn't considered. 
In a relatively short time, acupuncture has addressed and overcome a lengthy history of autoimmune disease. At age 67, I'm in excellent overall health -- zero medications." ~ J.B.