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*For a longer list of what acupuncture treats, published by the World Health Organization (WHO), click here.    

*Many people pursue acupuncture to treat these conditions, because the results and medical research are well established. 

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"One who eats Qi will attain enlightenment and prolong life."
-- Tao Hong Jing (456-536 C.E.)

Elements of understanding sometimes seem lost in translation. This quote may be such an example, but what it attempts to convey is how basic, pervasive, and all-encompassing the concept of qi is to every aspect of life. Read more here.

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Classical Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine

The tools of Traditional Chinese medicine include: acupuncture, herbs, diet and exercise recommendations, qi gong, tui na, cupping, moxabustion, gua sha, and essential oils. Most traditionally trained acupuncturists utilize acupuncture points from 12, or 14, meridians in their treatments.

Classical Chinese Medicine

As taught by Jeffrey Yuen, Classical Chinese medicine expands beyond the 12 Primary meridians practiced by most traditionally trained acupuncturists. A Classical Chinese medical approach draws on the specialization of points and techniques based on 5 meridian systems, for more than 70 meridians.

These five meridian systems include: the Primary Meridians, the Extraordinary Vessels, the Luo Channels, the Sinew Channels and the Divergent Meridians. It is this advanced perspective that can provide treatment strategies for autoimmune conditions and cancer, among other sometimes challenging conditions.

Continuing Education Classes & Workshops

Committed to deepening my understanding of Chinese medicine, I have attended the following classes:


Jeffrey Yuen, February 2018, Asheville, North Carolina:

Treating Global Epidemics

Phlegm & Its Manifestations


Jeffrey Yuen, October 2017, Asheville, North Carolina:

Heart & Kidney: Hope & Faith

Jeffrey Yuen, April 2017, Asheville, North Carolina:

Alchemical Acupuncture

Jeffrey Yuen, February 2017, Asheville, North Carolina:




Jeffrey Yuen, June 2016, Bar Harbor, Maine:

Nature of Trees

Jeffrey Yuen, April 2016, Asheville, North Carolina:

Stones & Essential Oils for Mental Emotional Wellness

Jeffrey Yuen, February 2016, Asheville, North Carolina:

Contemporary Pediatrics

Li Dong Yuan's Treatise on the Spleen & Stomach


Jeffrey Yuen, October 2015, Asheville, North Carolina:

Aspects of the Divergent Meridians & the Treatment of Cancer

Exploration of the 21 Points of the Spleen Meridian

Moving Qi with One's Hands & Ethics in Chinese Medicine

Jeffrey Yuen, September 2015, Asheville, North Carolina:

Hua T'o & the Five Animal Frolics (Wu Qin Jin)

Jeffrey Yuen, April 2015, Asheville, North Carolina:

Metaphysical & Cultivation Illuminations (Ge Hong)

Jeffrey Yuen, February 2015, Asheville, North Carolina:

Psycho-Neurology & Chinese Medicine


Jeffrey Yuen, November 2014, Asheville, North Carolina:

Aspects of the Luo Meridians: The Attachments & Desires of Humanity

Josephine Splika, Summer, Fall, Winter 2014, Asheville, North Carolina:

The Nectar of Plants: Essential Oils & Chinese Medicine (Parts I, II, III)

Jeffrey Yuen, April 2014, Asheville, North Carolina:

Daoism & Symbolism in Chinese Medicine

Jeffrey Yuen, February 2014, Asheville, North Carolina:

Classical Approaches to Contemporary Problems

Jeffrey Yuen, February 2014, Tucson, Arizona:

Neurology, Chinese Medicine & Stones


Jeffrey Yuen, October 2013, Asheville, North Carolina:

The Art of Needling & Aspects of the Divergent Meridians

Jeffrey Yuen, September 2013, Asheville, North Carolina:

Masters of Chinese Medicine & Aspects of Sinew Meridians

Master Chen, June 2013, Asheville, North Carolina:

Dragon Gate Qi Gong Alchemy

Wu Dang Daoist Meditation 

Mark Fortney, February - April 2013, Asheville, North Carolina:

Ten Thousand Things: Delving Deeper Into the Spirit of the Points

Jeffrey Yuen, April 2013, Asheville, North Carolina:

Sun Si Miao: Understanding the Phenomena of Change (Wind) & the Dynamics of Shen

Jeffrey Yuen, February 2013, Asheville, North Carolina:

Understanding Classical Texts (The Nei Jing: Treatment of Wind & Cold Diseases)

Herbal Medicine Practice in the Hun Dynasty

Navigating the Pulses

Ji Jiao Ba Men = 8 Emergency Medicine (Classical Approach to Contemporary Problems)


Jeffrey Yuen, December 2012, Santa Fe, New Mexico:

Nutritional Approach to Cancer Care & Cancer Pulse Diagnosis

Jeffrey Yuen, October 2012, Asheville, North Carolina:

Exploration of Primary Channels

Spirit of the Practitioner

Acupuncture Needling Technique

The Luo Vessels & Shen Disturbance

Jeffrey Yuen, September 2012, Asheville, North Carolina:

Chao Yuan Fang (Masters of Chinese Medicine)

The 8 Extraordinary Mai & the Treatment of Shen Disturbance 

Jeffrey Yuen, April 2012, Asheville, North Carolina:

Sun Si Miao & Shen Disturbance / Phelgm

6 Healing Sounds Qi Gong

Lorie Dechar, March 2012, Asheville, North Carolina:

Coming Back to Life: The Wood Element

Jeffrey Yuen, February 2012, Asheville, North Carolina:

Promoting Longevity Using the Shen Nong Ben Cao


Jeffrey Yuen, September/October 2011, Asheville, North Carolina:

Spirit of Acupuncture

Zang-Fu & Primary Meridian

Divergent Meridians

Jeffrey Yuen, August 2011, Asheville, North Carolina:

Ge Hong

Luo Vessels

Jeffrey Yuen, March 2011, Asheville, North Carolina:

Divergent Meridians

Lorie Dechar, February 2011, Asheville, North Carolina:

The Turning Point: Honoring the Power of the Water Element


Jeffrey Yuen, September 2010, Asheville, North Carolina:

Curious Organs


Lorie Dechar, July 2010, Asheville, North Carolina:

Xin: The Alchemy of the Heart

Jeffrey Yuen, March 2010, Asheville, North Carolina:

Luo Vessels

Tai Ji Jian (Sword)


Lorie Dechar, November 2009, Asheville, North Carolina:

Wu Shen & Wu Xing: Integrating the Five Elements & Five Spirits Into TCM Practice

Jeffrey Yuen, October 2009, Asheville, North Carolina:

Ling Shu

Qi Gong: 8 Silk Brocades

Jeffrey Yuen, March 2009, Asheville, North Carolina:

Sinew Meridians

Qi Gong: Dao Yin & Tai Yu Shen Gong


Jeffrey Yuen, October 2008, Asheville, North Carolina:

Su Wen

Qi Gong: Five Animal Frolics

6 Healing Sounds

Thea Elijah, October 2008, Asheville, North Carolina:

Spirit of the Herbs

Jeffrey Yuen, March 2008, Asheville, North Carolina:

Spirit of the Practitioner

Latent Heat

Huff Puff Qi Gong